What is Extreme Learning?
Extreme Learning is defined as using technology for learning purposes in novel, unusual, or nontraditional ways. This includes learning with technology when in various locations such as a park, plane, train, subway, boat, or car. It can also include interactive learning activities when climbing a mountain, visiting a local company, riding a bicycle, working in a war zone, or taking a vacation on a remote island. For some people it involves mobile or interactive learning experiences...
Extreme Learning
Extreme learning is related to informal and non-traditional learning. It explores how people learn or teach with technology in unusual or unique ways outside of traditional educational settings.
Dr. Bonk presents at the Cyberlearning Research Summit
The Cyberlearning Research Summit is a high-profile gathering in Washington DC, featuring top quality research-based speakers who will share visions for the future of learning with emerging technologiesin the style of the TED conferences. Through the contributionsof diverse participants...
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Papers presented at AERA Conference (Vancouver, BC, April
         14 and 16, 2012)
Dr. Bonk presents at the Cyberlearning Research Summit
Extreme Learning Proposals accepted at the AERA
Language learning part news
Paper presented at Elearn Conference (Honolulu, Hawaii.
         October 18-21, 2011)
Extreme Team goes to SITE Conference (Austin: March 5-9,
Changing Education. Changing Lives - DaMarco
DaMarco, at the end of his junior year at Sexton High School, was 9 credits short of graduating on time
With athletic college scholarships pending, he needed to get back on track to ensure a college education.
Extreme Learning in General
Extreme learning blends physical and digital environments, concentrating on activities that enlist technology in uncommon or unique ways. Extreme learning also includes more sedate and passive forms of learning including watching an online video in TED, LinkTV, CurrentTV, or YouTube. The below is a visual figure of the dimensions and research methodologies.
Online Language Learning
Language Learning uses technology-aided language learning with an integration of sound, voice interaction, text, video, and animation.
Outdoor/Adventure Learning
Adventure/Outdoor Learning is a hybrid online educational environment that provides students with opportunities to explore real-world issues.
Social Change/Global
Social Change/Global seeks to educate and inform people about issues and needs relating to social change, including poverty, hunger, AIDS, civics etc.
Virtual Education
Virtual Education refers to learning environments where teacher and student are separated by time or space, or both.
Learning Portals
Learning Portals are centralized learning centres or repositories that contain an aggregation of educational information on a topic, often current or continually updated.
Shared Online Video
Shared Online Videos are any educational video (YouTube or other web streamed videos) that can be watched or shared.
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